Top 10 CSE Final Year Projects

There are many projects a Final Year CSE student can try to increase his skills and make a good resume for better placements. The most trending topics are given here.

Learning these skills is essential for today’s and tomorrow’s workforces since it offers new and exciting career opportunities. So, if you’re new to computer science, the best thing you can do is come up and work on some real-world project ideas. When pursuing a career in software engineering, it is critical for aspiring software engineers to work on their own projects.

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HTML,CSS,JAVASCRIPT,DBMS,CODING RELATED. Depending on their area of interest, one can try some of these projects.

Top 10 Final Year Projects for Computer Science Students

1. Weather Forecasting System

It will help you to determine the weather and compass navigation for various locations. It may help people who love to travel to new places. It will require location permissions.

Weather Forecasting System

Plant Disease Identification Using CNN

It is a project which tells about the Plant Disease Detection model using a Convolutional Neural Network. It uses Python.

plant Disease System

Online Course Registration project :

It uses HTML,CSS ,JS and PHP. In this project, you can allow the user to register for online courses which can be useful for final-year students.

Online Course Registration

E-commerce website

This deals with different website development languages which are used by Front-End developers. It is a good project dealing with different languages which can help you upskill your abilities and if you are a creative person then you can create many changes in it.

E-commerce Website

Disease Prediction Project

It is developed using Python and Machine learning. If a person is interested in machine learning then he can give it a try on this project. It requires a dataset of different types of diseases. This System Predict Different types of diseases through given Symptoms.

Disease Prediction Project

Stock-Price Prediction Project

Stock Prices change every day by market forces.some believe that it isn’t possible to predict how stocks will change in price while others think that by drawing charts and looking at past price movements, you can determine when to buy and sell. The only thing we do know as a certainty is that stocks are volatile and can change in price extremely rapidly.

stock-Prediction project

Library Management system :

The manual process of keeping student records, book records, account details, and managing employees is very difficult. There are various problems also faced by the student in the library such as finding any particular book, information on whether the book is available or not, for what time this book will be available, searching for books using ISBN number, etc.

library management System


A single Instagram page where you can scroll and do many other things. You can even improve this project for better features and access.

Instagram Clone

Resume Builder

Resume Builder is a most required thing for final year students who don’t have any idea on how to work on a resume, then this is a project which will help them to practice more languages.

Resume Builder

College management system

In the Thai project, you need to know more about databases and HTML. It will help a student who has more interest in management.

College management system

Railway management system

It is a project which deals with DBMS, HTML, CSS, and PHP. It helps the people to manage the tickets and schedule the tickets and view the train timings.

Railway Management System

Hotel Management System

It is a well-defined project which will help travelers to search for rooms in various hotels depending on the choices, the price, and availability of the rooms. A hotel management system developed keeping these factors in mind increases the chances of a successful business substantially.

Hotel Management System

Pharmacy Management System

It is a Java project which uses swing and Mysql to manage this system. This is done by creating a database of the available medicines in the shop. The primary aim of the pharmacy management system is to improve accuracy and enhance safety and efficiency in the pharmaceutical store.

Pharmacy Management System

There are many other projects which a student can look forward to depending upon the area of interest. They can explore more new topics and work on them. Many projects are available on GITHUB.

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