Coding Ninjas DSA Course Review

Rating: 0.5 out of 5.

Coding Ninjas is an online platform that provides coding and programming courses to students in India. The DSA course offered by Coding Ninjas is designed to help students learn data structures and algorithms, which are fundamental concepts in computer science. The course covers topics such as arrays, linked lists, stacks, queues, trees, graph algorithms, and dynamic programming, among others.

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Is Coding Ninjas Good?

The course is taught using a combination of video lectures, interactive coding sessions, and hands-on coding challenges. The course also includes practice problems and projects to help students apply their knowledge and skills.

Reviews of Coding Ninjas Courses

It is very very expensive and wasn’t worth the money. The teaching quality is very very poor, 60% of the video is teacher typing the code, and it is very boring. Also don’t trust their quora reviews, they have spammed them with fake accounts, also all youtube review videos are paid and made by interns. ALERT don’t buy.

These guys write 1 fake review on Quora everyday, while the course quality of coding ninjas is shit. They must work on their course rather than writing fake reviews

Their TA Support team is very bad, I asked for doubts and these guys take up to 24-48 hours to solve any doubts

Also, these guys are incompetent first and second-year college students who do not know to code and just have copy-pasted solutions from the internet. I wanted proper help and got nothing.

Courses are average, I am not using it anymore..

It almost feels like the teacher doesn’t want to teach. Their founder Parikh Jain feels like he shouting at students and yelling in the class.Anyways more than 80% of the videos of their courses are shot by interns. Which is totally pathetic.

Before enrolling in the course, it is recommended to research and compare different options for learning data structures and algorithms to find the best fit for your learning style and goals.

Quality of the course

The quality of the course is shit.

  • Their founder is a geek and may be a good coder but he doesn’t know how to teach. Being a good coder doesn’t mean you will be a good teacher
  • Also anyways only 20% of videos are shot by him all other videos are shot by interns who are first and second-year students and don’t know to code.
  • The videos are boring, in fact, they for some weird reason make a 2 min long video 20 mins long as 80% of the video is the writing code line by line which feels very boring and you can’t even play the video in 2x
  • They promise job assistance but in reality, they have 0 companies partnered with them.
  • Courses are 30,000Rs and still, you will get calls from their sales team to upgrade to a 60,000 Rs course where they will help with mock interviews and etc.

Fake Reviews on YouTube

You would think that they will have fake reviews on Quora but all their YouTube reviews are also fake.

  1. Their employees create fake videos from fake IDs (screenshot attached below)
  2. They pay YouTubers like Striver and other small YouTubers around 1 L per video to share positive reviews for money
  3. Love Babbar talked about it in one of their YouTube videos that show he rejected 1 L from coding ninjas for fake reviews about them

As you can see in the above screenshots, the name of the channel is “Coding Ninjas Courses Discount Coupons

These guys created a thumbnail of the video as a scam alert and my biggest mistake LOL. So that you click on the video and inside the video, there is praise about their course. The guy is happily sharing discount coupons and saying this course changed his life.

But do they think we are stupid, they named the channel discount coupons. Again, these are fake reviews. Obviously, a company like coding ninjas which is unethical will create fake YouTube videos since it takes 30 mins to shoot fake videos with help of interns.

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